Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Young People

Young people face BIG issues in their lives.  They want to talk about these issues with adults and each other even if it often seems otherwise; they just need the support and right environment in which to do so.  BIG Talks offers young people  interactive workshops on Sex Education, Bullying, Healthy Relationships, and Diversity.

These workshops provide a safe space for young people to explore their thoughts and feelings while increasing knowledge, improving self- awareness, and building confidence in discussing and handling complex issues.  These workshops inform and create dialogue among young people in order to empower them with the tools for self-advocacy and community-building.


BIG Topics

Sex Education

Young people both seek and benefit from a complete understanding of sex.  The Sex Education workshops utilize a holistic approach broadening the concept of sex beyond physical connection.  This holistic understanding enhances young people’s decision-making skills in relation to sex.  It teaches them to think critically about pregnancy and STI prevention in addition to other possible effects of sexual behavior.

Supplemental Sex Education Curriculum

This curriculum focuses on feelings related to sexuality issues and supplements traditional sex education.  It explores many questions.  What are our feelings in relation to sexuality? How do we know what we’re feeling?  Who do we talk to about these feelings?  Why can it be uncomfortable to talk about these feelings?  Why is it important to talk about these feelings? The focus on feelings provides the prologue for young people to both be able to safeguard their sexual health and make more conscious decisions.


Most young people have experience with bullying, whether they are victims, bystanders, or bullies themselves.  It is vital for young people to engage in conversations about how they treat one another in order to learn and discuss the effects of abusive behaviors.  The Bullying workshop teaches young people what bullying looks like, why bullying occurs, and the best ways to stop it no matter their personal role.

Healthy Relationships

An alarming number of teens experience violence in their relationships.  The Healthy Relationships workshop increases awareness of this important issue, teaches warning signs of abusive relationships and partners, and engages young people to think about their responsibility in creating healthy relationships.


Adolescence is when young people start forming ideas about identity.  The Diversity workshop engages participants in discussions of race, gender, sexuality, etc.  Young people explore their identities in relation to one another and dialogue about similarities and differences.  This highly interactive workshop teaches young people the value of inclusivity.

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