Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Professional Development

Professionals working with young people need a vast knowledge base.  Young people face BIG issues in their lives, and one cannot always predict what a young person may need nor have questions about until it arises.  BIG Talks helps professionals manage essential issues that young people face.  BIG Talks provides consulting services and live and virtual interactive professional development training on Sex Education, Bullying, Healthy Relationships, and Diversity to support professionals in serving youth to the best of their abilities.

BIG Talks brings professionals together to increase expertise.  BIG Talks’ professional development services raise awareness, promote self- knowledge, and build confidence in discussing and handling complex youth issues.  These services support professionals in engaging youth in the group setting and provide the resources and tools necessary to do so.


BIG Topics

Sex Education

Young people both seek and benefit from a complete understanding of sex.  The Sex Education workshop teaches professionals how to improve conversations with young people about sex and encourage them to also talk to their parents.  It explains the holistic approach and how to broaden the concept of sex beyond physical connection.  In addition, it guides professionals toward self-awareness and responsibility of their own feelings so they can better inform youth.  A holistic understanding of sex enhances critical decision-making in young people which allows them to better think about pregnancy and STI prevention in addition to other possible effects of sexual behavior.

Supplemental Sex Education Curriculum

This curriculum focuses on feelings related to sexuality issues and supplements traditional sex education.  It explores many questions.  What are our feelings in relation to sexuality? How do we know what we’re feeling?  Who do we talk to about these feelings?  Why can it be uncomfortable to talk about these feelings?  Why is it important to talk about these feelings? The focus on feelings provides the prologue for young people to safeguard their sexual health and make more conscious decisions.


Most young people have experience with bullying, whether they are victims, bystanders, or bullies themselves.  The Bullying workshop teaches professionals prevention/intervention methods and youth engagement strategies.  It also provides tools and resources that can be used in later work with youth.

Healthy Relationships

An alarming number of teens experience violence in their relationships.  The Healthy Relationships workshop raises awareness among professionals and teaches warning signs and prevention/intervention methods.  It also provides tools and resources that can be used in later work with youth.


Adolescence is when young people start forming ideas about identity.  The Diversity workshop teaches professionals how to engage young people in discussions of race, gender, sexuality, etc.  It provides best practices, listening techniques, and activities.  Promoting inclusivity impedes abusive behaviors whether through bullying or in dating relationships.  This workshop works well in conjunction with other BIG topics.

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