“A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another.” ~ Buddha

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt


BIG Talks provides curriculum development, facilitation, and consulting services for adolescent social/emotional development issues.  Topics include: Sex Education, Bullying, Healthy Relationships, and Diversity.  Workshops and trainings are provided to young people, parents, and professionals working with youth.

Detailed information of all workshop curricula provided on the separate audience pages under services tab. Please view for more information.

Services provided in multiple ways:

1) Live and virtual workshops open to all.


2) Parents can host a House Talk for personal network on topic.

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3) Youth organizations and Schools can request specific workshop(s) and/or other service(s).

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Click to download the BIG Talks Workshops flyer:

BIG Talks Workshops flyer