BIG Talks recognizes that young people face BIG issues in their lives and relationships (Friendships, Dating, and Societal). Learning how to build and maintain relationships with other people is central to healthy adolescent development, and this process is both personal and on-going.  BIG Talks equips and supports  adults in young people’s lives by giving them the skills to have these BIG conversations.

Relationships do not follow a one-size-fits-all model, and young people should be encouraged to decide for themselves what they seek from their relationships.  In BIG Talks workshops, the facilitator engages participants through interactive dialogue to connect with and share their thoughts and feelings by helping them identify and address their perceived obstacles.  This practice allows for and deals with the discomfort that can come from encountering multiple perspectives.  The workshops are designed to be collaborative, yet they follow an outlined structure.  This combination of structure and engagement promotes a steady momentum within a safe, reassuring environment, allowing for maximum retention of information and a greater self-understanding.

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Objectives for BIG Talks Workshops

BIG Talks aims to first change young people’s personal lives, which will in turn transform society.  

For Young People: Build confidence for decision-making while navigating complex issues.

For Parents: Build confidence in being number-one resource for social and emotional development of child. Enhance communication skills and trust level with child.

For Professionals: Increase awareness and knowledge of youth issues. Increase support of child/parent relationships.

Founder Biography



Tara Abrol is a self-proclaimed former confused teenager about life.  She is an LMSW with 8+ years of youth development experience in curriculum building and facilitation and is the author of the upcoming books Sex: It’s Something to Talk About and Sex: It’s Something to Talk About – Parent’s Companion Guide.

Today Tara Abrol enthusiastically embraces complex issues in preparing young people and adults to jump head-first into their confusion and resurface with understanding.  She prioritizes creating change in the world, being at the forefront of that change, and transforming possibility into reality.  Tara believes wholeheartedly that our ability to create change directly correlates with our understanding of the emotional self.  As a facilitator, Tara assists participants in acknowledging, understanding, and sharing their thoughts and feelings.  Through her work, Tara helps participants gain a profound understanding of themselves which enables them to tackle the complexities of converting existing problems into transformative successes.  Her style encourages robust dialogue that increases participants’ self-awareness and confidence, leading them toward recognizing themselves as experts ready to self-advocate.